Leeds United 2020/21 Season preview

Where next for Leeds United?

Leeds United have returned to the Premier League after 16 years out of the top league in English football. They will look to make sure that they are still their next season and will look do a bit more than just staying up.

What is the biggest challenge facing Bielsa?

The challenge for Bielsa Leeds is to focus on staying in the Premier League. Leeds are a big club, and they play an exciting style of football which has taken them to the Premier League under the Bielsa. The Bielsa is an experienced manager and will know that the Premier League is a different beast to the championship. Bielsa will not underestimate the teams in the Premier League and research each team in detail.

Another challenge for Bielsa Is finding a balance between defence and attack. Leeds will want to be more defensively stronger this season as they play an attacking style of football. And Leeds will look to be more clinical upfront as they create a lot of chances.

Reasons for fans to get excited and nervous?

The fan should be excited that they are back in the Premier League and will be playing exciting style football which is more suited to the Premier League. Fans could be nervous due to Leeds risky Gung ho exciting football which leaves them vulnerable at the back. Also, Leeds make a lot of chances but sometimes lack cutting-edge to finish off teams when on top. 

Who will be their key players?

Kalvin Phillips impressed in the championship and will bring that form into the Premier League. Leeds are a considerably better team when Kalvin Phillips Is playing. He is a player that likes to do the dirty work and also, he has an attacking mindset to start attacks when winning the ball back from the opposition. He’s a player that will keep on improving with Bielsa guidance. 

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