leicester City 2020/21 Season preview

Where next for Leicester City?

Well, after finishing  5th and securing a Europa League place. Leicester should look to go again.  Leicester will go one step better than last season after they collapsed and missed out on champions league spot.

What is the biggest challenge facing Rogers?

Brendan Rodgers did a good job last season to get Leicester into the top Five and almost get champions league place. Now, with fresh faces coming in, there will be a new level of pressure on the Foxes.

Reasons for fans to get excited and be nervous?

They can look forward to European football and rechallenge the top six team. Leicester does not have the depth of quality in their squad. Their first eleven can compete with a number of the top six teams, but the players coming behind will struggle to compete, as last season showed when a few key players were out injured.

Who will be their key player?

James Maddison is a key player for Leicester as he makes them tick. When Maddison was injured at the end last season, Leicester result seems to dip. Wilfred Ndidi is another key player for Leicester City as he compliments James Maddison as he breaks up the play and passes the ball to the players that can make a difference in the game.

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