manchester city 2020/21 Season preview

 Where next for Man City? 

Man City will look to have a better season and reclaim the Premier League title from Liverpool. Man City will look to add to the squad and strengthen in areas where they are weak. They already have a quality squad but are lacking in some areas, the squad won’t need to many signing to get back to the Man City of old.

What is the biggest challenge facing Guardiola?

Improving the defence and refocussing the team after what was a disappointing season. The defence last season was found wanting and lacking quality, especially on defending set-pieces.

Reasons for fans to get excited and be nervous about?

New season, with a refocussed Guardiola, who will want to improve on last season by reclaiming the Premier League title and winning the Champions League, which as alluded him since leaving  Barcelona.
Also, make sure that they don’t have the same outcome as Bayern Munich under Pep, failing to win the champions league. The players at Bayen seemed to had stopped buying into his tactical approach to games, Which eventually led to him losing the dressing room.

Prediction for their season:

Manchester City will only be happy if they win the league or champion league this season as they had a disappointing season only winning the league cup. They will look to win the league this season and also the champions league. Manchester  City will finish 1st.

Who will be their key player? 

De Bruyne is the key to how  Manchester City work. De Bruyne had the most assist in the Premier League and was named the PFA player of the year by all the other players in the league. This shows that he is very important to how  Manchester City work. He’s even more important this season as they don’t have David Silva to come off the bench and they are more dependent on him this season.

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