Sheffield United 2020/21 Season preview

Where next for Sheffield United?

Sheffield United will look to improve on the previous season as they are not unknown quantity anymore as they have had a season in the Premier League. They will look to compete again for another top-half spot and maybe Europe position.

What is the biggest challenge facing

The challenges facing the manager is to build on the season before and to start the season quick. Finishing ninth place exceeded the expectations of Sheffield United would have had coming into the Premier League season. This coming season will be different from the previous season as teams will have come accustom to Sheffield United style of player. Sheffield United have a forward-thinking manager that will not settle for the bare minimum for his team.

Give us one reason for fans to get excited and be nervous?

Sheffield United fan should be excited Because it’s a new season and they have a chance to improve on last season. And show everybody that it wasn’t a one-season wonder. Sheffield United fans should be nervous if they don’t start the season as quickly as they did last season, it could come back to haunt them at the end of the season.

Who will be their key player?

The key player for Sheffield United is very hard to decide on as they are such a collective. The one player that does standout is Jack O’Connell. He is a oppositions players nightmare as he centre back that can get forward and make overlapping runs and deliver quality balls into the box.

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